DL & BL Support

BCLN was developed to support Distance Learning (DL) programs within BC.

Along with DL programs, most districts also make use of BCLN resources to support their Alternative and Adult Education programs.

With the recent interest and growth in the area of Blended Learning (BL), BCLN has adjusted policy.   Member districts can now use BCLN resources to support their local classroom teachers.

Classroom teachers who have had an interest in creating a more blended classroom (increasing student flexibility and engagement) are often overwhelmed with the task of creating online resources to support their BL plans.

Member districts may (through the oversight of their DL program administrators) release BCLN resources to teachers within their districts under the same conditions as their DL teachers.  All BCLN resources must be password protected (no "open guest access") and student numbers in BL must be represented in the district membership licensing.

Should a DL administrator release BCLN resources within their district, we strongly encourage that they maintain an active role in ensuring that the resources are used to promote quality student learning.   BCLN (as a group of members) would like to avoid poor learning situations involving our resources.

Last modified: Sunday, 16 August 2015, 2:26 PM