Moodle Training

Many BC teachers are seeking Moodle training as the following:

  • A new teacher in a Distance Learning program
  • A teacher wishing to explore Blended Learning
  • A TOC supporting either of the above situations
  • Any teacher looking to explore something new on a Pro-D day

The following materials were developed to support any of these.  These materials provide a guide to the most commonly used items in Moodle for BC K-12 teachers.  Note that these materials can be used for group sessions and/or independent research.  There are forms at the end of each section that you may be able to use to support your local independent Pro-D and/or professional growth plan.

Learning about Blended Learning

Becoming a Moodle User

--What is Moodle?|
--Devising a Plan|
--Enrolling Students|

Becoming a Moodle Designer

--Editing Mode|
--Resources & Activities|
--Web Editor|
--Standard Settings|

Images for Design|

Building Explanation Videos

Making Videos|

more coming

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