This is a plugin that will be coming for the summer of 2018.   We're just documenting as we go.

This block will allow WCLN LTI Lesson Books to show up in the courses without the "iFrame look" - ie. it will look a little more polished for students.   The lessons will work without the plugin, but just won't look quite as nice.

Ensure you have JavaScript enabled (typical).


screen shot without plugin installed

screen shot with plugin installed

Adding this Plugin to your Site

  1. Download the file and unzip.
  2. Put site into maintenance mode.
  3. Copy "wcln" folder to "/mod/lti/source/".
  4. Go to notifications and update.
  5. Turn off maintenance mode.


  1. TBD

Last modified: Wednesday, 7 November 2018, 1:24 PM