2018 Course Release Plans

The table below outlines the BCLN development that we expect to have completed this summer.

Preparation notes:

  • Aug 15th = release date for 2018 courses.
  • courses will be released as Moodle version 3.4+ (Build: 20171208)
  • if you wish to use WIRIS for students showing work, your district will need to license WIRIS.
  • for simply seeing the equations in the database, no WIRIS license is required.
  • if you wish your courses to have the Grid format on your site, ensure you have the grid plugin installed BEFORE restoring the courses.
  • make sure ALL of your teachers subscribe to the corresponding forums in the "Discussion area" so they keep up-to-date with any fixes or updates for their course(s).  It helps us ALL.

SENIOR (Grades 10-12) Updates

Course 2018 Releases (.swf and https changes for all)
English 10 New curriculum! (five 2-credit options) - new updates
English 11 Old curriculum - Minor Updates.
English 12 Old curriculum - Minor Updates.
English Lit 12 Old curriculum - Unchanged.
Communications 11 Old curriculum - Unchanged.
Communications 12 Old curriculum - Unchanged.
Creative Writing 12 Old curriculum - Unchanged.
Science 10* New curriculum!  Unit 2 change and updates
Earth Science 11 New curriculum!
Biology 11 Old curriculum alignment, but new projects.
Biology 12 New curriculum!
Chemistry 11 New curriculum!
Chemistry 12 New curriculum!
Physics 11 New curriculum!
Physics 12 New curriculum!  changed projects
Science and Tech 11 Old curriculum - Minor Updates (new in 2018)
CC AW Math 10 New curriculum!
CC FPC Math 10 New curriculum!   changes
CC AW Math 11 Old curriculum -  minor updates
CC F Math 11 Old curriculum -  minor updates
CC PC Math 11 New curriculum!  changes
CC PC Math 12 New curriculum!  changes
F Math 12 Old curriculum - Minor Updates (new in 2018)
Calculus 12 Old curriculum - Minor Updates (new in 2018)
Accounting 11 Old curriculum - Unchanged.
Social Studies 10 New curriculum!  changes
SS12: World History New curriculum!  updates
SS12: BC First People New curriculum!  updates
SS12: Law New curriculum!
SS12: Phys. Geog. New curriculum!
Geography 12 Old curriculum - Unchanged.
History 12 Old curriculum - Unchanged.
Law 12 Old curriculum - Unchanged.
Env. Studies 12 Old curriculum - Unchanged.
First Nations 12 Old curriculum - Unchanged.
Social Justice 12 Old curriculum - Unchanged.
Physical Ed. 10 New curriculum!  updates
Career Life Ed. New curriculum!  updates
Career Life Connect New curriculum!
Planification 10 Old curriculum - Unchanged.
Digital Photo 12 New curriculum!
Family Studies 11** New curriculum!
Family Studies 12 adjustment - update ready for 2018
Food & Nutrition 11 New curriculum!  updates
Food & Nutrition 12 New curriculum!  updates
LF Math 60 Minor Updates - same curriculum.
LF Math 70 Minor Updates - same curriculum.
LF Eng 5 Minor Updates - same curriculum.
LF Eng 7 Minor Updates - same curriculum.

Grades 5-9 - New Curriculum

Course 2018 Releases (.swf and https changes for all)
English 5-9 Updates for all.  ELA 7 and 8 are new.
Math 5-9 Updates for all.  Math 8 is a new course.
Science 5-9 Updates for all.
Socials 5-9 Updates for all.   SS9 is changed.
PHE 5-9 Updates for all.

Alberta Specific

Course 2018 Releases (.swf and https changes for all)
Physics 20 Updated (with HUB)
Math 9 New (with CC)
Math 10-C New (with CC)
Math 10-3 New (with CC)
Math 20-1 New (with CC)
Math 20-2 New (with CC)
Math 20-3 New (with CC)
Math 30-1 New (with CC)
Math 30-2 New (with CC)

A HUGE thank you to all of your dedicated peers who are working hard to make all this happen for us:  Barb Boonstra, Nick Smith, Glen Stiven, Clint Surrey, Toni Kormish, Mike Richardson, Francis Tsen, Laurie Mitchell, Darrol Colgur, Kari Daniels, Jodie Reeder, Ed Seidel, Fiona Graham, Wendy Blancher, Corrie Perdock, Joe Jamison, Tod Anderson, Craig Simmons, Derek Henderson, Colin Bernard, & Calvin Tse. 

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