Set Passwords (Moodle Plugin)

BCLN updates default test passwords in the course releases each year.   Districts are encouraged to use their own passwords in courses.

In order to change the passwords for release, we've developed a tool that allows a logged-in admin to change all the passwords in a course.  

There is an option to "Update blank passwords". If this option is NOT enabled then only quizzes/tests that currently have passwords will be updated to the password you provide; those with no current passwords will continue to have no passwords.

Adding the Plugin to your Site

  1. Download the file and unzip.
  2. Put site into maintenance mode.
  3. Copy "quizpasschange" folder to "admin/tool/".
  4. Go to notifications and update.
  5. Turn off maintenance mode.

The plugin is also available from the Moodle Plugins Directory

Setting Passwords

  • Login to site as an admin.
  • Look under Site administration > Plugins > Admin Tools
  • Click on "Quiz Password Change"
  • Choose course and new password and "Apply"


Screenshot of plugin

Last modified: Thursday, 28 September 2017, 5:27 PM