Enrolling Students

Making Moodle Accounts

Before you can enroll a student into your course, they need to have Moodle accounts.

The method in which students are provided Moodle accounts varies by district. Most common are:

  1. If your district runs the BCLN SMS, then the student accounts are likely already on the district Moodle server. You simply have to talk to the people running the server to determine username / password formats.
  2. If you are running totally separate from an SMS server, then you can have student make their own accounts on the login page ("Create a New Account").

Determine which applies to you and get an account for each of your students so they can login.

Enrolling Into Courses

If you are in DL and using an SMS, the students are automatically enrolled into your course for you.

If not, here are your two options for getting your students into your course.

  1. Using an enrollment key - click here for instructions.

  2. Manual enrollment - click here for instructions.

Resetting a Course

At the end of a semester, you can clean out your course by using the same process as manually adding them (in reverse).  Another way to do this quickly is by resetting your course - click here for instructions.

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