Editing Mode

Once you switch "editing on," you'll see a variety of new icons and options.

First, let's clarify that each course is broken down into topics/units. Let's look at the options available within each topic.

Editing Tools

A. If you want to move the entire unit to another position in the course, click or drag this icon.

B. This is the title of the unit - see G. to change it.

C. If you wish to highlight a particular unit for your students (eg, current one).

D. Clicking the eye to make the unit visible/invisible to students.

E. If you wish to delete an entire unit, click this.

F. Unit introduction - see G. to change it. Often a unit banner image is popular here.

G. This is the button for changing B & C.

H. Want to move a particular item (eg. lesson) to another point in the course?

I. Quick change of the item title (remember to click enter to save this).

J. Your editing options for any individual item (eg. lesson page).

K. To insert another unit below this one.

Last modified: Tuesday, 18 August 2015, 12:36 PM