WIRIS Equation Editor


WIRIS is a top-notch equation editor that WCLN has used to:

  1. build questions within math/science courses on the WCLN site.  This requires WCLN to have a license for the main WCLN site, but your district doesn't need anything for this (see settings below).
  2. allow your students to "easily" show their work (calculations) online, rather then having them scan their work for any long answer questions.  Showing Math/Science work can be challenging on a computer and WIRIS makes this  easier for your students.  If you wish to use this feature for your students, then your district needs a local WIRIS license (See http://www.wiris.com/en).

WCLN Member Support Notes - Member Sites:

Of course, all members need Item #1 (ie. you need to be able to see all math/science database questions).   To ensure this is good-to-go on your site:

If you have a local WIRIS license:

  • You will be able to have students do long-answer work in WIRIS (easily showing equations for work)
  • You can use the WIRIS filter to show your equations.
  • In your filters, ensure WIRIS is first in the list (MathML can follow)
  • If you need to change an equation, you can use the WIRIS editor or (Just copy MathML into HTML???).

If you don't have a local WIRIS license:

  • Your students will not have access to the WIRIS editor to show long-answer work (Atto has a more simplified free editor)
  • You will be using MathJax as your filter to show equations.
  • Go to:  Site administration > Plugins > Filters >  and ensure MathJax is first in the list.
  • at this point, Firefox will work fine.
  • To get other browsers working (eg. Chrome, IE), go to: Site administration > Plugins > Filters > MathJax > Additional equation delimiters, and add:  <math

WCLN Member Support Notes - Development Site:

WCLN has a WIRIS license for the developers on the WCLN Moodle site.    This license does NOT extend to WCLN member sites (as of June, 2018).

On the WCLN site, it is set-up so that any back-ups from this site have the equations converted into MathML so that users of our resources can see the equations whether they have a WIRIS license (or not).

Our general settings on the WCLN site:

1. http://www.wiris.com/en/plugins/docs/full-mathml-mode
2. Both TinyMCE and Atto editors ready.

With this set-up, all courses that are backed-up from the WCLN site have equations converted into MathML.

Old Developer notes:

Last modified: Friday, 13 April 2018, 10:52 AM