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New Media for You! May 9 & Rosetta Stone

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New Media for You! May 9 & Rosetta Stone
by Brent Sawatzky - Thursday, 10 May 2018, 9:23 AM

Rosetta Stone reminder and notes:  

  • RS license orders (using the WCLN member pricing) is due at the end of THIS month (May 31st).
  • member pricing is the best available in BC but requires that you plan for next year now.
  • FVDES was a HUGE supplier of second language courses, but will not be offering ANY this year (opportunity?)
  • members need to have the set number of orders in on-time to get the best prices
  • to order, see WCLN.ca > Partners > Rosetta Stone

May 9th New Media for You!   Click the graphic below.

New Media