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Solid Copper, Silver, Gold! Or is it? Exploring electroplating!

Topics: Electrolytic, Electroplating, Oxidation, Reduction, REDOX

Where does rust (corrosion) come from and how can we slow it down? A REDOX Lab Analysis

Topics: Corrosion, Lab Analysis, Oxidation, Reduction, Rust, REDOX

A virus has to kill a cell in order to reproduce. How does this process work?

Topics: biology, Lysogenic, Lytic, Reproduction, Virus

How does photosynthesis compare to cellular respiration? How are they similar?

Topics: Cellular, Photosynthesis, Respiration, Biology

Do sugar and caffeine affect a person’s performance? It is up to you to find out.

Topics: biology, hypothesis, method, Scientific method

An alien space ship is coming to earth. Can you help Earth prepare for its arrival?

Topics: 7 characteristics, Biology, Living thing, Alien

Exploring the Concept of Reversible Reactions & Equilibrium - Virtual Simulation Lab Exploration

Topics: Equilibrium, Reversible, Simulation, Dynamic Equilibrium

An Exercise in Stress: Applying Le Chatalier’s Principle (Lab Analysis)

Topics: Equilibrium, Lab Analysis, Le Chatalier's Principle, Stress, Dynamic Equilibrium

Should I stay or should I go? Exploring the reversible character of equilibrium! (Lab Analysis)

Topics: Equilibrium, Lab Analysis, Reversible, Dynamic Equilibrium

How do we determine the solubility product equilibrium constant (ksp) for Lead (II) Iodide (PbI2)?

Topics: Ksp, Solubility Equilibrium, Solubility Product, Solubility

How do you find the ion concentration in a tap water sample?

Topics: Ion Concentration, Ksp, Solubility

Working with Bronsted-Lowry Acids and Bases and Acid Base Indicators

Topics: Bronsted Lowry, Indicator, Acid Base Equilibrium

Do all acids and bases behave the same when being neutralized? Comparing acid-base titration curves – Video Lab Analysis

Topics: Acid Base Equilibrium, Graph, Neutralization, pH, Titration, Acid Base Titration

Combating Impaired Driving: Looking at the REDOX behind the Breathalyzer test.

Topics: Application, Breathalyzer, Oxidation, Reduction, REDOX

How to Control Timing in Chemical Clock Reactions

Topics: clock, Factors that affect reactions, Reaction Kinetics, Reaction Rate, Chemistry

How big and complex can organic molecules get?

Topics: naming compounds, organic chemistry

What might a modern parfleche look like if I were to create one?

Topics: aboriginal art, design, math 6, geometry

Will my equation solving skills be better than my opponents?

Topics: math 6, tic tac toe, equation solving

What is so special about the human brain?

Topics: brain, nervous system, biology

How are nervous system disorders treated using First Nations traditional medicine?

Topics: disorder, First Nations, nervous system, traditional medicine, biology

If hormones had their own trading cards, what would they look like?

Topics: hormone, nervous system, neuroendocrine system, biology

What are the negative effects of stress on the brain?

Topics: brain, nervous system, nervous system divisions, biology

What would it take to convince a person to become a living kidney donor?

Topics: kidney, organ donation, transplant, urinary system, biology

How can urinary test strips be used to diagnose disease?

Topics: diagnosis, disease, disorder, urinary system, biology

What would happen to the ovarian and uterine cycles if FSH and LH went on strike?

Topics: FSH, hormone, LH, ovarian cycle, reproductive system, uterine cycle, biology

Why are graphs so popular for scientists in research and development?

Topics: graphs, percent error, slope, density

How do you make rock candy?

Topics: crystallization, saturation, crystal

How can we tell if a resource that we find is sustainable?

Topics: renewable, Sustainable resources

Which solids can dissolve in which liquids?

Topics: dissolve, polar, solubility

How do environmental conditions affect the respiratory system?

Topics: disorder, respiratory system, biology

How are respiratory system disorders treated using First Nations traditional medicine?

Topics: First Nations, respiratory system, traditional medicine, biology

How are digestive system disorders treated using First Nations traditional medicine?

Topics: digestive system, disorder, First Nations, traditional medicine, biology

Can you determine an injured patient’s blood type and safely administer the transfusion?

Topics: blood, blood typing, components of blood, circulatory system

How are circulatory system disorders treated using First Nations traditional medicine?

Topics: , circulatory system, disorder, First Nations, traditional medicine, biology

How essential is the lymphatic system? Could humans survive without it?

Topics: circulatory system, lymphatic system, biology

Can you use your knowledge of transcription and translation to break a secret code?

Topics: genetic code, protein synthesis, transcription, translation, biology

Can you use DNA from the scene of a crime to help determine who did it?

Topics: biology, codon, forensics, protein synthesis, transcription, translation, DNA

What does Pangea look like? What clues were used to re-create Pangea?

Topics: , Alfred Wegner, fossil clues, Pangea

What are Greenhouse gases and how have they change the Planet?

Topics: atmosphere, carbon dioxide, heat

What is all the fuss about carbon in the atmosphere? How does the carbon cycle affect the environment?

Topics: carbon footprint, fossil fuel, greenhouse effect, carbon cycle

Are there aliens in my neighborhood?

Topics: alien, invasive, pathway, species

How do imbalances in biological molecules affect the human body?

Topics: biological molecules, cell compounds, biology

Can you create an analogy comparing the cell to another complex system?

Topics: , cell structure, cells, organelles, biology

What are stem cells and how are they being used to treat disease?

Topics: cell structure, cells, stem cells , biology

What pictures will I create with these coordinates?

Topics: math 5, coordinate graphing

What is the story behind the Spirit Bear?

Topics: genetics, Spirit Bear

How do my genetic traits compare to those of others?

Topics: dominant, genetic traits, recessive, traits

How can I improve my multiplication skills through speed and accuracy?

Topics: multiplication, speed and accuracy, math 5

How can I help to raise funds for a non-profit organization?

Topics: finance, social responsibility, math 9

Can I improve my memory of how numerals match up with written out numbers?

Topics: written numbers, written out numerals, math 5

Is water essential for the origin of life on other planets?

Topics: biology, cell compounds, water

Matter is all around us but what do we know about matter and its changes?

Topics: chemical change, classification of matter, physical change

What is a geologist and what do they do?

Topics: Geologist, Rocks, Earth Science

What are different ways to sort or categorize minerals?

Topics: Earth Science, Quartz, Minerals

Matter is all around us but how do we describe it?

Topics: matter, physical properties

How are bird wings similar to your arm?

Topics: bones, chicken wing, arm

What makes your back flexible?

Topics: spine, stretch