Multi-paragraph composition rubric







Rough Work

Completely revised, and edited for style. All rough work and full outline included.

Many revisions. Mechanical and grammatical errors corrected. Some rough work and full outline included.

Shows some editing. Some basic errors remain. Some rough work submitted.

Little or no editing. Many errors overlooked. No outline or rough work.



Introductory paragraph begins generally then develops toward a thesis. Main paragraphs develop logically. Transitions are smooth and unobtrusive. Conclusion restates thesis. Main points are reinforced.

Introduction serves purpose, but isn�t strong. Thesis could be clearer. Composition sticks to a main idea, develops that idea, and wraps up. Transitions bring some sense of flow.

Introduction is unclear or weak. Points are not developed in a very logical manner. Minor points may be elaborated.

Does not really have an introduction, thesis or concluding paragraph. Starts nowhere and goes nowhere. Reads like a rough draft.


Supporting Details

Many relevant details and quotes that relate back to the main idea. This gives a strong sense of focus. Details are vivid and accurate. Argument is effective.

Many relevant details that relate back to the main idea. Examples and quotes are specific. Feels focused.

Some relevant details that relate back to the main idea. Examples are weak or irrelevant. Quotes not used or are inappropriate. Not very focused.

No relevant details that relate back to the main idea. Not focused.



Includes concise, accurate phrasing and variety of sentence structure. Vocabulary is rich and specific. Purpose clearly defined. Tone formal and objective.

Concise with some variety of sentence structure and vocabulary. Purpose and audience quite clear. Language appropriate for the form.

Wordy. Sentences  choppy and simplistic. Tone inappropriately informal.

Wordy, repetitive, unclear. Phrasing awkward. Little information communicated.



Demonstrates a thorough understanding of the topic. Content is thoughtful and engaging. All ideas are clearly developed.

Brings a strong general knowledge base to topic. Commentary goes beyond surface reading. Most ideas clearly developed.

Content shows an understanding of topic, but commentary is superficial. Leaves ideas underdeveloped.

Shows little understanding of topic.  May show basic comprehension errors.


Mechanics and Grammar

Few, if any, errors in punctuation, capitalization, and spelling, and no grammatical errors.

Few punctuation, capitalization, and spelling errors which do not interfere with meaning, and a couple of grammatical errors.

Some punctuation, capitalization, and spelling errors, but they do not interfere with meaning. Many grammatical errors.

Many errors. It may be hard to comprehend in places.






Total----> /24