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Using Moodle allows lots of inexpensive hosting options.

Some districts host their DL Moodle themselves, while others prefer a separate hosting service. The main reason for choosing a separate hosting service is that keeping a server running 24/7/365 can sometimes be impractical for a school district (especially during holidays and weekends). Professional hosting companies, on the other hand, find efficient ways to keep things running 24/7/365 (it's their specialty).

If you choose to use a hosting service, we can recommend the following:


  • KnowPlace is an official Moodle Partner who uses the most cost efficient servers available.
  • KnowPlace - New Option:  Moodle & SMS2
    • you host & we support option
    • KnowPlace will supply you with a server that has Moodle, Docker, and SMS2 all installed.
    • You connect the server to your own district network.
    • You can expand user/backup space easily and cheaply, as needed.
    • SMS2 updates (through Docker) are part of the support.
    • Local settings are configured for the server (including configuring backup routines), then hosting and SMS2 become routine.
    • Remember that the Moodle installation is a clean installation.  So, you'll need to plan for moving courses and teachers over to the new install.  This will be a good cleanse (clean-up the databases), but requires some local extra hours.
  • KnowPlace - Only Moodle
    • For more information about the KnowPlace hosting packages click here.


  • Open School also has a long history of hosting in BC.
  • OSBC offers Moodle hosting packages.
  • For more information about the OSBC hosting packages click here.
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