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Report Cards

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Book: Report Cards
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Date: Thursday, 23 February 2017, 8:08 AM

Teacher Instructions for Report Cards

To prepare for report card time, teachers should:

A. Sort for a particular class.

(assuming you wish to do a class at a time)

B. Click the grey box to open the reporting features.

C. Provide a comment.

(have a txt [not WORD] document open with samples to copy-and-paste)

D. Provide a work ethic.

E. Save.

on to the next student

report 1

Processing Report Cards

Teachers can add comments, and select a work habits indicator.

report 2

Printing Report Cards

Select the student, then select Report Card from the Reports Menu. More than one student can be selected.

report 3

Generate Report Card

The Report card is generated as a downloadable pdf and includes the current status, current grade and percent of course completed.

report card print 2

Parent Access to Report Cards

The Parent Portal provides parents with a way to access student report cards. It can be accessed by going to /parent/.

So if your registration is at and the staff access is at then the parent portal can be accessed at

The interface includes a place for the PEN and the Date of Birth. The report card is then generated as a downloaded pdf.

Parent Portal

Mailing Report Card Notices


Archiving Report Cards

It is recommended that a program archive all their report cards at each reporting period. This proves very useful for future student/parent questions, as well as audits.

To archive ALL current students/courses, select Exports at the top (clerical/admin only). Then select the refresh button to have the system generate the latest data. This can place a load on the server and may take some time to generate; it is suggested that you generate this in off-peak times. The time since the last generated file is indicated. Save the file.

The zipped file that is generated contains two files for each student in the system - a pdf of their report card(s) and a pdf of their SMS Activity Log (contact log).

student archives