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Report Cards

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Book: Report Cards
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Date: Friday, 20 October 2017, 10:53 AM

Teacher Instructions for Report Cards

To prepare for report card time, teachers should:

A. Sort for a particular class.

(assuming you wish to do a class at a time)

B. Click the grey box to open the reporting features.

C. Provide a comment.

(have a txt [not WORD] document open with samples to copy-and-paste)

D. Provide a work ethic.

E. Save.

on to the next student

report 1

Processing Report Cards

Teachers can add comments, and select a work habits indicator.

report 2

Printing Report Cards

Select the student, then select Report Card from the Reports Menu. More than one student can be selected.

report 3

Generate Report Card

The Report card is generated as a downloadable pdf and includes the current status, current grade and percent of course completed. The pdf will include all courses for the student, except those that have been requested or dropped.

report card print 2

Parent Access to Report Cards

The Parent Portal provides parents with a way to access student report cards. It can be accessed by going to /parent/.

So if your registration is at and the staff access is at then the parent portal can be accessed at

The interface includes a place for the PEN and the Date of Birth. The report card is then generated as a downloaded pdf.

Parent Portal

If you are using Chrome to access the Parent Portal it is likely an issue with popups. Please see the following for a fix:

Mailing Report Card Notices


Archiving Report Cards

It is recommended that a program archive all their report cards at each reporting period. This proves very useful for future student/parent questions, as well as audits.

To archive ALL current students/courses, select Exports at the top (clerical/admin only). Then select the refresh button to have the system generate the latest data. This can place a load on the server and may take some time to generate; it is suggested that you generate this in off-peak times. The time since the last generated file is indicated. Save the file.

The zipped file that is generated contains two files for each student in the system - a pdf of their report card(s) and a pdf of their SMS Activity Log (contact log).

student archives