BCLN Members

SD#5 - Southeast Kootenay: KDS - Distributed Learning

Bill Johnson
e-mail: bill.johnson@sd5.bc.ca
phone: 1 800-423-4919

SD#6 - Invermere: Rocky Mountain DL School

Ed Maine
e-mail: ed.main@sd6.bc.ca
phone: 250-427-5308

SD#8 - Nelson: DESK

Heather Dennill
e-mail: hdennill@sd8.bc.ca
phone: 250-354-4311

SD#10 - Arrow Lakes

Terry Taylor
District Principal
e-mail: ttaylor@sd10.bc.ca
phone: 250-265-3638

SD#20 - Kootenay Columbia Virtual School

Kim Williams
Director of Support Services
e-mail: kwilliams@sd20.bc.ca
phone: 250-368-2232

SD#22 - Vernon: vLearn.ca

Bruce Weitzel
Principal & BCLN Lead Director
e-mail: bweitzel@sd22.bc.ca
phone: (250) 549-3546

SD#23 - Kelowna: eSchoolBC

Curtis Schreiber
e-mail: curtis.schreiber@sd23.bc.ca
phone: (250) 868-1135

SD#27 - Williams Lake: GROW

Ken Matieshen
District Principal
e-mail: ken.matieshen@sd27.bc.ca
phone: 250-398-5800

SD#28 - Quesnel: Quesnel DL

Tod Anderson
QDL Coordinator
e-mail: todanderson@sd28.bc.ca
phone: (250) 992-7007

SD#33 - Chilliwack: Fraser Valley Distance Education School

David Manuel
e-mail: david_manuel@sd33.bc.ca
phone: 604-794-2445

SD#34 - Abbotsford: Abbotsford Virtual School

Brad Hutchinson
Principal & BCLN Director
e-mail: Brad_Hutchinson@sd34.bc.ca
phone: 604-859-9803

SD#36 - Surrey: Surrey Connect

Ken Hignell
e-mail: hignell_k@sd36.bc.ca
phone: 1-888-492-4263

SD#39 - Vancouver: South Hill Education Centre

Chris Gilmore-Lammerse
e-mail: cgilmor@vsb.bc.ca
phone: (604) 713 - 5770

SD#39 - Vancouver: VLN Secondary

Cindy Gauthier
e-mail: cgauthier@vsb.bc.ca
phone: 604-713-5530

SD#39 - Vancouver: VLN Elementary

Carrie Froese
Vice Principal
e-mail: cfroese@vsb.bc.ca
phone: 604-713-4740

SD#41 - Burnaby: Burnaby Online

John Tyler
Director of Instruction
e-mail: john.tyler@sd41.bc.ca
phone: 604-664-8568

SD#42 - Maple Ridge: SD42 DL

Darren Rowell
Vice Principal
e-mail: Darren_Rowell@sd42.ca
phone: (604) 463-2001

SD#43 - Coquitlam Open Learning

David Truss
Vice Principal
e-mail: dtruss@sd43.bc.ca
phone: (604) 936-4285

SD#44 - North Vancouver: NVDLS

Maureen Stanger
Vice Principal
e-mail: mstanger@nvsd44.bc.ca
phone: (604) 903-3341

SD#46 - Sunshine Coast: SPIDER Distributed Learning

Carolyn Spence
e-mail: cspence@sd46.bc.ca
phone: 1-604-886-8647

SD#48 - Howe Sound: Howe Sound Outreach

Ryan Massey
e-mail: rmassey@sd48.bc.ca
phone: 604-892-5220

SD#50 - Haida Gwaii Queen Charlotte

Deavlan Bradley
Vice Principal
e-mail: dbradley@sd50.bc.ca
phone: 250-559-8822

SD#51 - Boundary School District: Walker Development Centre

Shawn Lockhart
e-mail: shawn.lockhart@sd51.bc.ca
phone: 250-442-8285

SD#52 - Prince Rupert

Andrew Samoil
e-mail: asamoil@sd52.bc.ca
phone: 250-624-2019

SD#53 - YouLearn: South Okanagan Similkameen

William Eaton
e-mail: weaton@sd53.bc.ca
phone: 250-498-4597

SD#54 - Bulkley Valley

Matthew Monkman
District Principal - Technology
e-mail: mmonkman@sd54.bc.ca
phone: 250-877-6820

SD#57 - Prince George: CIDES

Mr. Chris Molcak
e-mail: cmolcak@sd57.bc.ca
phone: 1-800-661-7515

SD#58 - Merritt: SCIDES

Al Mackay-Smith
Principal & BCLN Director
e-mail: amackay@scides.ca
phone: 1-800-663-3536

SD#59 - Peace River South: South Peace DL School

Mike Readman
e-mail: mreadman@sd59.bc.ca
phone: 250-782-8522

SD#60 - Fort St. John: Northern BC Distance Education School

Norbert Kaspar
e-mail: nkaspar@prn.bc.ca
phone: 250-261-5675

SD#62 - Sooke: Juan de Fuca DL

Paul Block
District Principal
e-mail: pblock@sd62.bc.ca
phone: 250-514-6834

SD#63 - Victoria: SIDES

Karen Flello
e-mail: kflello@sides.ca
phone: 250-704-4940

SD#67 - Okanagan Skaha: HLP

Doug MacDonald
e-mail: dmacdonald@summer.com
phone: 250-770-7718

SD#69 - Qualicum: CEAP

Jeff Temple
Vice Principal
e-mail: jtemple@sd69.bc.ca
phone: 250-752-5628

SD#70 - Port Alberni: CHOICES DL

Sean Petersen
e-mail: spetersen@sd70.bc.ca
phone: 250-723-3744

SD#71 - Comox Valley: NIDES

Jeff Stewart
e-mail: jeff.stewart@sd71.bc.ca
phone: 1-800-663-7925

SD#72 - Campbell River DL and Alt Ed.

Kai Taylor
e-mail: Kai.Taylor@sd72.bc.ca
phone: 250-923-4918 ext 2228

SD#73 - Kamloops: @Kool

Dean Coder
Principal & BCLN Director
e-mail: dcoder@sd73.bc.ca
phone: (778) 471-6061

SD#74 - Gold Trail: Distributed Learning

Colleen Minnabarriet
e-mail: cminnabarriet@gw.sd74.bc.ca
phone: 250-453-9144

SD#75 - Mission: Summit DL

Wade Peary
e-mail: wade.peary@mpsd.ca
phone: 604-814-0446

SD#82 - Terrace: NCDES

Cindy Sousa
e-mail: Cindy.Sousa@cmsd.bc.ca
phone: 1-800-663-3865

SD#83 - Okanagan Shuswap

Reid Findlay
Principal (off site)
e-mail: rfindlay@sd83.bc.ca
phone: 250-803-6133

SD#85 - Port Hardy: Distributed Learning

Jay Dixon
e-mail: jdixon@sd85.bc.ca
phone: 250-956-3394

SD#91 - Vanderhoof: EBUS

Brian Naka
e-mail: bnaka@sd91.bc.ca
phone: 250-567-4413

Yukon Territory: TAL Yukon Education

David McInnes
Coordinator, Technology Assisted Learning
e-mail: david.mcinnes@gov.yk.ca
phone: 867-667-5871
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