Welcome to the BC Learning Network!

BC Learning Network is a consortium of 46 BC school districts who work together to maintain:

  • 60+ Online Courses
  • A Student Management System for DL tracking
  • Moodle hosting and training options
  • Teacher colaboration and community
  • Improved-scale partnerships

Working together allows us to develop better online resources, create teacher communities, and establish cost-saving partnerships with industry. It all adds up to better virtual experiences and opportunities for our students.

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BCLN News!

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Partnership Updates
by Brent Sawatzky - Monday, 7 April 2014, 9:42 AM

Please note 2 new BCLN partnership updates:

1. Rosetta Stone - New pricing and deadlines are listed.  BCLN members get the best deal in BC.

2. eDynamic Learning - Lot's of new elective options (BA or IDS) for your DL students at a reduced BCLN price.

More info at BCLearningNetwork.com > Partnerships   OR   at the DL conference booths.

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Captivate & Camtasia - How To?
by Brent Sawatzky - Tuesday, 7 January 2014, 11:51 AM

FYI....Barb, Lynn, Darrol, and I have been working on an introduction for those teachers who are interested in building some explanation videos (eg. using Captivate or Camtasia).

See the information we've put together on the BCLN site, under

  • Resource Development > Video Guidelines
  • Resource Development > Video Examples

Our hope is that by sharing our experiences with like-minded BC teachers, we'll help create a bigger community of "explanation-builders" which will help us all!

If you have information to share that is not included, please let me know.