Ranking LadderA graphic organizer used to illustrate the relative
importance of concepts, events, people or places


Step 1: State your question in the box at the top.

Step 2: Enter your criteria in the text box provided.

Step 3: Brainstorm possible answers and add them (up to 5) as steps on the ladder. Order does not matter at this point.

Step 3: Click the "add" button (green +) to create an evidence item.

Step 4: Enter the evidence in the box provided.

Step 5: Assign the strength of this evidence using the radio buttons.

Step 6: Use the "move" icon (arrows, bottom right corner of the evidence item) to click and drag the item to the colour-coded drop areas to assign it to a "step". The "Ranking Ladder" will sort depending on the evidence provided.

Step 7: Once you placed an item, you can revisit the evidence item by clicking on its title in each of the tables. The "red X" in the top right corner of the evidence item deletes it. Move the item back into a colour-coded drop area to reassign.

Step 8: Click the "print" button to print your results.

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