Justify the Decision


Step 1: Enter your position taken in the box at the top.

Step 2: Enter your criteria and assign an importance (larger number = more important)

Step 3: Click the "add" button (green +) to create an evidence item.

Step 4: Enter a title for your evidence item and assign a criteria in the dropdown.

Step 5: Assign the strength of this evidence using the radio buttons.

Step 6: Use the "move" icon (arrows) to click and drag the item onto the scale ("pro" or "con" side). The "weight" of each piece of evidence is calculated with the "Importance of Criteria" and "Strength of Evidence".

Step 7: Once you placed an item on the scale, you can edit or remove it by clicking on its title in each of the tables.

Step 8: Click the "print" button to print your results.

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