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The Western Canada Learning Network (WCLN) is a consortium of 51 BC school districts, the Yukon, and 1 Alberta division (so far) who work together to:

  • Support Distance Learning programs.
  • Support classroom teachers who are interested in Blended Learning. 
  • Encourage 21st Century Learning and best practices in education.
  • Support teacher collaboration and professional development.

Working together allows us to develop better online resources, create teacher communities, and establish cost-saving partnerships with industry. It all adds up to better virtual experiences and opportunities for our students in both Distance Learning and Blended Learning programs.

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BCLN News!

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2017 Course Releases
by Brent Sawatzky - Saturday, 22 July 2017, 8:40 AM

The table below outlines the BCLN development that we expect to have completed this summer.

Preparation notes:

  • Aug 15th = release date for 2017 courses.
  • courses will be released as Moodle version Moodle 3.2.1+ (Build: 20170209)
  • math and science courses use WIRIS, so ensure you have plugin ...
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Secure Links
by Brent Sawatzky - Sunday, 16 July 2017, 5:47 PM

Most BC districts are running their sites as secure on their front pages, with a few districts asking about being able to run a fully secure site at some point.   The BCLN plan is to have all the new curriculum courses fully secure by the end of the "new curriculum project" - ie. Sept/18.

We ...

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